Tuesday, May 23, 2017

A FORMER BUFFALO SOLDIERS of the 24th Infantry Regiment Combat Team. aka; (Deuce4) at age 17.. On my 18th Birthday, I had served 4 months on the frontline, with 5 more months to serve before being blown-away. Via Concussion during enemy counter-attrack. My service was volunteered, I join for the adventures, and the chance to travel.. When. The Korean War started, I amongst many other young soldiers volunteered to go, we ( we thought) wanted to see action (However if it had been humanly possible, we to a man, would've left the following day.) Concerning today’s BLACK-AMERICAN CH-11 @ 1:00 pm, & REFLECTING BACK; to the Korean War, we had several Tuskegee Airmen to serve with us, such as; Colonel Charles M. Bussey, Commanding officer of the 77th Engineering Company, who was warded the distinguished service metal although all agree it he was deserving our nation highest honor, the Metal of Honor. ************** HANTAN RIVER CROSSING:
APRIL 10,1951 THE 24TH INFANTRY REGIMENT CROSSES THE HANTAN RIVER TO EVICT THE COMMUNIST CHINESE FORCES (CCF) FROM THE HIGH GROUND. DEUCE4 HISTORIAN DARREL NASH post it in our FB page? PS: I think its a photo taken by signal corp during crossing. I remember the weather being on the cold side. Curtis “Kojo” Morrow Illinois Chapter

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