Tuesday, January 30, 2018

MIDNIGHT OIL: On awakening (11:45am) I see a notice informing me that it's a🤔🤩live at: To Be Continue.. Btw; when painting a non-commission work of art, I am usually impressed by an image(s) so I have no idea how it’ll end up.

Friday, January 19, 2018

The Artist’s Odyssey

"THE ARTIST'S ODYSSEY" Contains over 180 photos of my creative-arts, dating from the late 1960’s to the present 2018, as E-books, & PAPERBACK ON DEMAND, the Photo-Album is an INSPIRATION for other artists. Check it out:: http://a.co/9jMkGOn Enjoy, Share & be inspired..

Saturday, May 27, 2017

REMINISCING MY ENTREPRENUERING DAYS:   My worse fear on returning to America after living and earnings a living in west-Africa eleven (11) years as a jewelry-craftsman were to depend on someone or organization for a job.. And All praises to the Creator, it wasn't necessary.. Thanks to the wisdom of a dear friend, Dr. Margaret Burroughs who during one of her visits to Ghana, I enquired as to could I earn a living as a craftsman when I return to America?    "Kojo, no one gonna give you a job unless you've been authenticated, so your best bet is to do as you have done here (Africa) MAKE YOUR OWN JOB. which eased my mind on the matter.   1st task was to seek out Afro-centric minded Americans that supported Black Artists & their Artworks. Long story shorten;   Check out "MY SANKOFA" or "THE ARTIST'S ODYSSEY.” Or both For details amazon.com:    ALSO; https://youtu.be/nCnoufPL3yM    If only www was around 50 years ago. :-( LoL  *******

Friday, May 12, 2017

Miss Dee Alexandra; Serenade African Festival of the Arts; Reminiscing 2008 Photograph By: Curtis Kojo Morrow, Artist, Author, Retired Jewelry- Designer. Who can ask for more. :-) https://youtu.be/nCnoufPL3yM

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Artist's Studio & Workshop.

The Artist's Studio & Workshop.

After 35 years of jewelry designing and lost-wax casting, I have returned to my first love, oil painting and photography.”

18” x 24” oil on canvas.
Bronzeville Reminiscing
Oil on Canvas

"Cooling Out”
Oils on Acrylic on Poster-Board
22 x 28 inch
(Musicians inserted collage)

Making Fufu.
14 x 17 inches
Mixed medium on paper
Accra (Abeka) Ghana 1969

Night Owl
Oil on Acrylic on Poster Paper,
15.1/2” x 27 inches

 ... Still Life
16” x 20” 
Oil on Canvas

 Afro-Peruvian Dancers
Oil on Acrylic Painting on Poster-Paper
22” x 26” mounted on 25” x 30”

 Village Vendor
Framed, 18 ½ “ x 23 ½ “
Oils On Canvas

“Here, Take Me With Mines”
18” x 25” mounted on 25” x 30” Frame
Oil on Acrylic Painting on Poster-Paper

N The Moment
Oil on Cardboard
12” x 16”

... Desert Flower
Oil Acrylic on Poster-Paper
15" x 22 inches

      Oil on Acrylic on Canvas:  20” x 16”

View From Verandah
      Oil on Acrylic on Canvas:18” x 24”

Mame Make Babe Clean
Oil On Poster
Oil on Acrylic on Poster Paper,
15.1/2” x 27”

Working Out
Oil on Acrylic on Canvas Board
20” x 17 inches

Eartha Kitts
(Last performance)
24 x 20 inches
Oil on Acrylic on poster-board.
This performance was held at the Northwestern University School of Law, in Chicago, Illinois.

 The Aftermath
30" x 30"
Collage on poster paper

Something Cool 
16" x 20"
Oil On Canvas

The Orchid Grower
Oil on Acrylic on 14” x 14” board.

"Osu In Bermuda"
Oils on masonite fiberboard
32” x 48 inches
“Osu's a section of Accra Ghana.”

Journalist - HistoryMaker.
Oils on Acrylic on posterboard
22”x27 inches

Making Fufu.
14 x 17 inches
Mixed medium on paper
Accra (Abeka) Ghana 1969

It Be JuJu Yo
Oil on Canvas
16” x 20 inches

Oils on posterboard
10” x 19 inches

The Steppers
18" x 18"
Oils on Canvas


Curtis Kojo Morrow
Artist, Author, Photographer.

Online Galleries:>  http://mysankofa2012.artspan.com/