Saturday, April 13, 2013

The 24th Infantry Regiment Combat Team, (Association) 27th Annual reunion.

The 24th Infantry Regiment Combat Team; Association
(The Original)

The unit consisted of: the 77th Combat Engineer Company, the 159th Field Artillery, the 12th Military Police, the 24th Medical Company and the 291st Band.
The weekend of; July 10th 2013 the 24th Infantry Regiment Combat Team, (Association) will convene in Grand Rapids, Michigan for their 27th Annual reunion.
The 24th Infantry RCT was the U.S. Army’s last all Black Combat Unit, which was deactivated in October 1st 1951 after 83 (1868 to 1951) years of continuous service
The unit's last 14 months was served during the (1st months) Korean war, during which time they lost was over 900 Killed In Action, (out of a force of 3.000, not counting their wounded and missing in action) before being deactivated Oct, 1st 1951.

The 24th RCT was one of the most decorated combat unit’s that fought in the Korean war and won the first victory the war, which happen at Yechon South Korea.

Only a few are left to tell their stories.
A Few Survivors 60 years later

The surviving members age range is now between 80 to 95. and only a few have made their history known to the general public, via memoirs & etc, mainly because of the fact that the Infantry, IE.; ground troops, are not as glamorous as other branches of the military; like Tuskegee Airmen, and Marines, and that's not to deny those units of their fame.

So saying this year we are offering locals, national businesses, and the general public the opportunities to purchase advertising spaces in our reunion's year book, for the purpose of..

Promoting and Preserving The Neglected History Of The U.S. Army's All Black Military Combat Unit.

Those interested, contact;

Curtis Morrow, President
Illinois Chapter..
VP National Association