Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Three Week Vacation That Lasted Eleven Years

MY SANKOFA & One of those early Pioneers. I went to Ghana on a 3 week vacation in 1965 and remained until 1976, while there I discovered that; LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT. As a young child, I was continually told what I couldn't do because I was Black. It was a very frustrating period of my life. However, at the age of nine (9) a Pullman Porter, name Mr. Ross, gave me a book, which was the Bio of an African-American by name of Matthew Henson, a Black American explorer, which changed the course of my life.. It freed me from the belief that I couldn't do whatever I desired to do because of my race. Today (69 years later) I am a semi-retired Artist, Author and Freelance Photographer. Thanks to the generosity of a Mr. Ross, who gave a young mind hope and freed me from my slave-mentally. Through my arts and writing.. "MY SANKOFA"
I am sharing my life experiences with others in the hope of inspiring others to think outside of the box they may find themselves in. Check it out when time permits: Curtis"Kojo"Morrow An Early Pioneer.