Friday, March 18, 2016

Executive Editor, Mrs. Lisa Camp. McFarland Publishers

Today, (3-18-2016) 19 years after McFarland & Company, Inc; Publishers, published my Korean War memoir; I was invited to meet the Executive Editor Lisa Camp, at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo on March 18-20.. She's the editor of my first book; "WHAT'S A COMMIE EVER DONE TO BLACK." Published 1997. Amongst the questions I had for her during our 20 minutes visit, was the statics of E-books and the effect it'll have on the book manufacturing markets. Her answer was an very encouraging: "Not much if any" she assured, "because most book published now days are also produced as ebooks, which is much more convenient then carrying several books when traveling and also allows readers the options of reading several at a time." I also introduced my latest nonfictions to her.. The Artist's Odyssey." And thanked her for her words of encouragement.